Spotlight         6539-7865-3910

Equity             B00423363

Agent              International Actors London (IAL)

Member of The Actor's Centre

Playing Age     18-30            Height           5'3" (160cm)

Eyes                 Hazel              Hair              Brunette (Long)

Build                Medium         Voice            Warm, Sincere, Authoritative



*Please see "Workshops" for further training

2014                    Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

2014                    Royal Conservatoire of Scotland:  Acting for Camera

2012 – 2013         Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Jan.   2013           Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Education (London)

2011 – 2012          Theatre for the People (Madrid)

2009 – 2011         ESTUDIO CORAZZA (Madrid).

2009                    International Method School (London).


2008, 2010     ARC ACADEMY TOKYO: Japanese

2002 – 2007   CUNEF (Madrid): BA in Business Management



2019 THE NET/ Hana Samara Gannon, Tristan Bates Theatre, Camden FRINGE 2019

2019 THE NET R&D/ Hana Samara Gannon, Starbound Theatre

2019 PERIOD (Reh. Reading)/ Auntie Flo Danäe Cambrook, Page to Stage London

2018  I WILL MISS YOU WHEN YOU'RE GONE/Evelyn    Yuqun Fan, Starbound Theatre

2018  ALABAMA SONG (Reh. Reading)/ Betty                   Luke Ofield, Page to Stage London

2018  PREACH (Reh. Reading)/ Y                                         Gabby Power, Hidden Theatre Company

2018  WOTSITS (Reh. Reading)/ Lyndsey                           Zhui Ning Chang, Page to Stage

2017   Chanel's World of Gabrielle/Inspector Clouseau    Gloria Padura, Food Design Experiences & Chanel Training

2017   PIZZA MAN/ Julie Rodgers                                         Madison Maylin, Starbound Theatre

2017   ACID RAIN/ Andrea                                                     Amy Serafin, Starbound Theatre

2017   PLAY WITHOUT A TITLE/ The Actress                    Jorge de Juan, The Spanish Theatre Company

2016   THOSE DREAMS (Reh. reading)/ Katie                     Mayra Stergiou ,  Page to Stage London

2016   BLOOD TIES / Writer, Actor                                       In development (Starbound Theatre)

2015   THE DREAMING/ Two                                                  Dan Klarer, Wee Theatres Glasgow

2015   JANE AUSTEN'S FORGOTTEN STORIES                   Laura Witz, Edinburgh FRINGE 2015

2015   THE MAIN YVETTE/ Yvette                                         Rohanne Udall, Edinburgh FRINGE 2015

2015   THE FOG/ Reporter                                                     Sam Rowe, Stereo Glasgow

2015   CORNER TABLE/ Emily                                                Gavin Todd, Wee Theatres Glasgow

2015   WELCOME, MY NAME IS.../Leah                                 Maria Andberger, Acting UP

2014   SMOKE AND MIRRORS/ Fatima                                 Lesley Eadie, Theatre UNCUT

2014   HENRY V/ Fluellen                                                       Tim Hardy, GBS Theatre/ RADA

2014   THE LADY OF DAWN/Dramaturg, Translator          Katya Kamotskaia

2013   THE HEN NIGHT/Alejandra                                         Becky Palmer, RCS/ The Traverse

2013   THE PROJECT (Reh. reading)/ Emma                        Stasi Schaefer, RCS/Tron/PSS

2013   LIKE FLIES TO WANTON BOYS/ Ophelia                 Matte O’Brien,  OTV, The Arches

2013   ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL/ Lavatch                 Bill Wright,  RCS, AGOS Studio

2013   TOP TABLE/ Bridesmaid                                             Marcus Roche,  The Wedding

2013   THE WINTER’S TALE/ Polixenes                                 Nick Hutchison, Shakespeare’s Globe

2012   THREE SISTERS/ Masha Prozorov                              Katya Kamotskaia,  RCS/UKTS

2012   SUMMERTIME/ Joe                                                      Becky Palmer,  RCS/UKTS

2012   POUNDING NAILS…/Blow me                                     Adam Black, Theatre for the people

2011    THEBANS/ Jokasta                                                      Ali de Souza, RCS

2011    THE CHERRY ORCHARD/ Varya                                Katya Kamotskaia,  RCS

2010   TWELFTH NIGHT/ Viola                                             Manuel Morón, Estudio Corazza

2009   ROBIN HOOD PANTO/ Various                                Kevin Beer, C. Spinola Theatre



2017   HOUSE OF BRICKS/ Millie                     Feature Film                  Hannah Silver/ Background Noise Productions

2017   HURRY UP/ Katy                                      Short Film                     Annette Uiga/ LSF

2017   GO GETTER LEVEL B/Waitress            Educational                    Mark Tuffnell/ Heather Robinson, Silversun Media Group

2016   M.A.T.N.B/ Charlotte                               Short Film                      Shannen Ward/ LSF

2016   RED LIGHTS/Syrian refugee                  TV (Pilot)                       Ben Wicks/ Shoreditch Pictures

2016   GENERATION SWIPE/Christina             Short Film                      Annette Uiga/ LSF

2015    HEAVY IN YOUR ARMS/ Witch             Music Video                   Elizabeth Lee Lobach/ USC

2015    MUJERES EN VAIVÉN/ Zoe Maris         Short Film                      Cecilia Pérez-Homar/SSA

2015    SYNCED/ Spanish Office Worker         Feature Film                   Devon Avery

2015    BUN IN THE OVEN/ Cassie                   Web Series                     Chris Weir

2015    BENCH/ Lucy                                          Short Film                      Jamie Mills/ UWS

2015    UNTITLED PROJECT/ Lucy                   Short Film                      Andy Peacock/Peacock Studio

2014    RESERVED/ Claire                                  Short Film                      Kerry Docherty/GCC

2014    BETRAYAL/ Jean                                    Short Film                      Aidan Black/GCC

2014    WALLPAPER/ Shop Owner                   Short Film                      Louise Dawson



2019 Leading Role/Localisation Video Game N/A (NDA)

2019 KONICA MINOLTA/ VO Corporate Kalua Creative, Gavin Matthews

2019 THE DIVISION 2/ Various Video Game Pinewood Studios, Ubisoft , Harry Trevithick, Robby Brown

2019 GREEN HELL/ Mia Video Game Creepy Jar Games, Michal Stawicki

2018 ALKINDI/ Announcer Explainer video Alchemy Post

2018 BAYER/ VO Telephony Wesound GmbH, Heike Hagen

2018   GREEN HELL/ Mia                                   Video Game                   Michal Stawicki, Creepy Jar Games

2017   GCSE Pod (UK/Spanish)/ Narrator        Podcast                          Chris Hornsby, Soundbite Learning UK

2017   CELL SOLUTION CLIMA/Narrator        Corporate video            FMP Works

2016   "Pop goes the culture!" / Co-host          Podcast                          Starbound Theatre

2016   VARIANT LIMITS/ Celare                        Video Game                   Chris Bateman, Triseum

2016   HERALD/ Lady Tabatha Veazie              Video Game                    Roy van der Schilden, Wispfire Games

2016   FRACTURED SPACE/ Mia Jansen          Video Game                   Jim Mummery, Edge Case Games

2016   FRACTURED SPACE/ Carzelle Odiare   Video Game                   Jim Mummery, Edge Case Games

2015   GRID/ Maria                                              Radio Drama                  Lauren Woods

2015   BENCH/ Lucy                                            Short Film                     Jamie Mills

2014   ANGRY BLACK WOMAN                        Short Film                     Cecilia Pérez-Homar

2014   REPEAT/ Julie                                           Short Film                     Josefa Celestin




2018, Workshop, Various, VO FOR GAMES with BAFTA winner Cissy Jones, VOND

2017, Workshop, Various, VO FOR GAMES (ADVANCED) with Dave Fennoy, VOND

2017, Workshop, Second City, IMPROV LEVEL B, Scott Elam

2016, Workshop, Second City, IMPROV LEVEL A, Erica Elam

2016, Workshop, 10 week INTRO TO PUPPETRY, Little Angel Theatre, Oliver Smart

2016, Workshop, FIREARMS TRAINING FOR ACTORS 1, Independent Drama, Ronin Traynor

2016, Workshop, Characters/Environment/Action & Combat, MOCAP MASTERCLASS, The MoCap Vaults, Oliver Hollis-Leick

2016, Workshop, Various, VO FOR GAMES with Dave Fennoy, VOND

2015, Workshop, Dancer, THE ONE HUNDREDS, Twyla Tharp (LA)

2015, Workshop, Arkadina, The Seagull, Unsub Actors, Mike Alfreds

2015, Workshop, Various, SHAKESPEARE with Nick Bagnall, Unsub Actors, Nick Bagnall

2015, Workshop, Various, ACTING FOR CAMERA, Unsub Actors, Martin McCardie

2015, Workshop, Writer, BRINGING REAL & CURRENT STORIES TO LIFE, Tron 100, Cora Bissett

2015, Workshop, Lady/Irene & Mrs. Oswald, IBSEN (WHEN WE DEAD AWAKEN, GHOSTS), Unsub Actors, Graham McLaren

2014, Workshop, Various, ACTING FOR CAMERA, Unsub Actors, Martin McCardie

2014, Workshop, Chorus, GREEK CHORUS, N/A, Judith Milligan, Lewis Sherlock

2014, Workshop, Various, HAMLET, Citizens Theatre, Dominic Hill

2014, Workshop, Various (Beatrice, Iago, Sir Toby), SHAKESPEARE: REHEARSAL TO PERFORMANCE, Unsub Actors, Jennifer Dick, Bard in the Botanics

2014, Workshop, Various, THE TROJAN WOMEN, Unsub Actors, Lydia Koniordou

2014, Workshop, Antigone, THEBANS, Unsub Actors, Graham McLaren

2012, Workshop, Chorus, OEDIPUS, Company of Wolves, Ewan Downie


ACCENTS: RP* (contemporary and marked), Standard American*, Canadian, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian.

LANGUAGES: Spanish*, English*, French, Portuguese*, Italian (Conversational), Japanese (Conversational).


Voice Training and VO experience: Nadine George, Linklater and Globe Theatre Education, VOND Member

Puppetry (Little Angel Theatre, 10 week course)

Improvisation: Second City Chicago, Level A + B (Erica & Scott Elam)

Physical Theatre Training: Song of the Goat (Ewan Downie), Laban and Alexander (RADA: Katya Benjamin & Globe Theatre Education: Glynn MacDonald); Lecoq (RCS: Mark Saunders, Lucien MacDougall)

Greek Theatre Training with Lydia Koniordou (Edinburgh University) and Judith Milligan (Lecoq School).

Devising Theatre Workshop with Andy Arnold (Tron Theatre). Actioning workshop with Graham McLaren (NTS)

Books, poems and play translations; Photoshop; Internet radio (Podcast) presenter experience.

Horseback riding, Dancing (period, modern, waltz, sevillanas), Bowling, Billiards, Table Tennis & Yoga.

Driving License.

(*) Denotes native level in language or accent


Art, books, travel, cooking, hiking, wildlife documentaries, video games, podcasting/vidcasting, D&D, storytelling.